I work with conscious leaders, facilitators, coaches and humans who long to be HELD too, so that they can show up radically grounded, spacious and rooted in the truth of:



The Deepest Connection To Their Souls Purpose

Working 1:1 with me is a sacred space for you to land as you release the pressure, let go of holding it all and come home to YOU & the spaciousness inside so you can create, show up and live from your most authentic Self.
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You are a leader, coach or change maker and you are changing peoples lives by raising the vibration of the planet in your unique way.


You know you have things to release and let go of so you can move into a state of clarity, peace and full embodiment. So you can do your Souls work and align with what you came here to do.


You long to be back into your body, the home of your soul, and out of your 3D mind.


You know how important it is to show up in your most authentic expression and serve from a clear and full state of being, so that you can serve your clients and communities in the way you are supposed to: connected to your Soul.


Yet you are still human, and have human things going on and you need to be HELD too.



Private Breathwork Coaching
I know the weight of carrying it all for others, whist dealing with the heavy weight of collective energies and your own "human" stuff can feel hard and affect how you:
Show up for your family.
Show up for your clients and students.
Show up for you self.
Experience your soul
I have been there: a frustrated and despondent sensitive, empathic, energetic, spiritually awake healer and teacher. Desperately wanting to do my soul work and live an expanded and heart-led life; but feeling so heavy and clogged up with the weight of the world, the energy of my loved ones and my 'human'.
What to expect:
TRANSFORMATION - on every level - human, spiritual, emotional - in your business and your personal life.
Every session will be crafted around your intentions.
Deep, personal and loving support - compassion, a big heart and accountability.
No one session is every the same and the whole process will be guided by your intentions and souls path at this time.
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Breathwork for visonaries



This is for you if you're looking for a private space to be held so you can release it all.
Private Breathwork with me in confidential, personal and convenient.
6 Sessions start at £1,444


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 Coaching, Mentoring and Breathwork



I work with emerging & established conscious elevators - those who are here to raise the vibration of the planet.


Where ever you are in your evolution, there's something stopping you from reaching your next level in business, in your fulfilment or reaching that next level version of success.


Allow me to be your guide, your confidant, your cheerleader. We will work closely & intimately with 3 sessions a month and 1:1 private chat during working hours.
You'll also get access to EVERYTHING I offer in our time together.
Investment starts at £4,000 
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A Breathwork session consists of:

Begin with Intention setting:


This involves us having an informal discussion around what brought you to breathwork, why you want to try breathwork and getting clear on what the purpose of the session will be. Your heart and soul do the talking and from this we will create some clear intentions for the session.


An oracle card reading:


Following this, I will tune in and choose 1-3 oracle cards for you. Oracle cards are a way that the Universal energy can commune with us (whether that’s angels, spirit guides, nature spirits, God, Goddess – whatever resonates for you), and often messages can support your intentions and feelings at this time. They are a great source of comfort for most people and act as loving messages.

Learning the breathing technique :


Before you lie down I will demonstrate the breathing technique and teach you it. There is space for you to have a go and ask any questions you might have. There is no rush and you will be given plenty of loving space for you to settle into the session.

A Grounding meditation:


Following this you will be asked to lie down – in your own home or on the treatment bed where I hold my in-person sessions, get comfy and use a blanket to get really cosy! You may wish to have some crystals with you, I will lead you through a grounding meditation to anchor you to the session, helping you feel more present, grounded and safe.

20-30 mins (approx.) of active breathing:


You will be then guided and supported to start the active breath technique. The whole session I will hold loving and connected space for you to breathe and release, shift and move what is ready to be released. I provide a grounded and loving presence to assist with your healing.

Meditation & Connection: 

Following this I will ask you to relax your breath and lead you into a space of connection and meditation which lasts around 10-15 mins.

Towards the end of the session you are guided and supported back to the room and the time and place we are in. Held with loving presence throughout.

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