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The Alchemy Incubator is for you if:

You are ready to tune into your highest creative force, BUT you find yourself stressed, tense and blocking the very thing you desire.

You are ready to implement new-world thinking into your life, business or parenting BUT you're getting your knickers in a twist over the to-do list, the school calendar and managing EVERYTHING, seemingly alone.

You just know you are ready to download something BIG - 

And you get the vibe that you need to CLEAR or PREPARE THE WAY for that BIG something BUT you can't seem to find the space and you feel like you're drowning in a sea of life admin.

You are on the path of following your highest calling (whatever that is for you right now) BUT you keep getting derailed by having your energy pulled in 1000 different directions.

You are a full body F**K YES to tapping into ANYTHING & EVERYTHING available to you BUT creating the space to tap into the full body feeling is harder to come by than a decent non-alcoholic gin!


Being a {divine being in} human {form} is a bit of a fuckery - and yet we cannot deny we are magical creator beings, set up for unlimited success and creative expression.


By DESIGN we are here to thrive…

And receive the unlimited pulse of the universe 

To move us, to create through us.



But we get stuck in forgetfulness sometimes and the fuckery bit of being human pulls us in: it tricks us into thinking nothing new is coming and does all it can to keep you safe, stuck and still. (Ahhh that all too familiar fuckery!)


But the world needs us. 


And when I say that I don’t say it lightly - humanity NEEDS us (the ones who signed up to do this work) to be in our highest expression: 


Nervous system soothed, 

2nd chakra illuminated, 

Heart open,

Channeling & receiving downloads and divinely inspired ideas.


But to do this we must be the clear, open vessel.


We must prepare the way!


Breathwork is an alchemical portal, there is no denying that. If you’ve breathed with me you’ll know (and if you haven’t you just know these words to be true!)


And has the ability to tend to all of the human & cosmic aspects of us in the ways needed to ‘prepare the way’.


Join me for The Alchemy Incubator - a 4 week immersion to clear and prepare your physical 7 energy body for powerful downloads, new-world solutions and your highest creativity and emerge bodacious, illuminated and CLEAR AF of your next moves as a consciousness elevator!


What will you receive?


2 Energetic Breathwork Clearings (90-120 mins live)

2 Energetic Breathwork Transmissions (90-120 mins live) + recordings

4 audio files 

Supportive Community

Weekly affirmations


Session Outline:


Session 1 - Breathwork for Release & Reset the nervous system. 


The human nervous system is linked to the entire endocrine system - meaning it affects our entire wellbeing. 

By design, Breathwork ‘resets’ the nervous system - bringing both vital systems into balance and clears the way for the divine to speak to us.

This session (and subsequent daily practice) will be designed to reset the nervous system and bring your physical body into a state of balance and harmony.


Session 2 - Breathwork for Clearing and illuminating the Sacral Chakra. 


The sacral chakra energetically holds fear and pain. When ‘unhealthy’, clogged or out of balance; storing fear and pain from any experience, it will affect the body's ability to open to receive or connect to all that is. The sacral also holds great power to connect us to oneness and the quantum field, and so when this energy centre is clear and ‘healthy’ we are more able to anchor to possibility and future certainty. 

This session (and subsequent daily practice) will be designed to clear the sacral chakra and bring your energy centre into an expanded, ‘open’ state.

Session 3 - Breathwork Transmission: Preparing our vessel + opening the heart.


Receive light codes and a preparatory transmission for your creative flow. With an open heart, hand over your human desires and prepare to receive.

This session will be a breathwork transmission session and will be supported by a guided meditation to complete daily in between sessions.


Session 4 - Breathwork Transmission: Opening the throat chakra, plus Ascended Master & Archangel blessing.


Receive light codes from the pink ray, Mother of Mary, Anna and Archangels assisting your evolution.

This session will be a breathwork transmission session and will be supported by a guided meditation to complete daily in between sessions.


Now is the time! The world needs you. 

You're going to emerge from this Incubator:

With a soothed nervous system - an essential component to access your creative flow.

With a cleared and illuminated 2nd chakra - our creative energy centre awakened!

With an open heart and an activated throat chakra - able to connect, channel and communicate to YOUR hearts wisdom.

Blessed with pink light codes of Mother Mary & assisting Archangels.


Free, open and flowing with creative force so that you can birth more LIGHT here!

Join us - doors close on the 5th June at 12pm

The VIP Experience £1111
I'm in! £444