Welcome to Sacred Space 


Hey Lovely one, let me ask you...
What if you could create more potency in your soul-work just by being more of who you are already?
What if you could create more freedom, magnetism, depth (+income) in your soul-work & soul-led life by spending less time thinking about the how?
What if the soul-work you were really here to share felt effortless & easeful and didn't cost you your spacious lifestyle but enhanced it?
What if you were clear & rooted in the knowing of who you are as a space holder and were known industry wide for your unique gifts as an expert?
And all this came without having to sacrifice your spacious family time, your flexi work days, impromptu trips to the beach OR take another 10 certifications … 


Wouldn't that be amazing?



Here is the thing


Most space holders businesses look like this:


They do all the crystal gridding, all the saging and the epsom salt baths - but they still feel depleted and drained after holding group spaces, circles, 1:1’s and classes.


They rely on the work they share to be the space and this creates disparity, guilt and misaligned, unpredictable client enquiries (if any at all)


They over give, over extend, undercharge and people please until they’re empty and their once heart-led business feels like a burden.


And this burden turns to resentment and they start looking for 2nd income streams or contemplate going back to getting a “real job”


And no matter how much they achieve or how positive the impact is that they make, they rarely enjoy it because they are so empty from giving or feel like an imposter.


And their families, partners and children bear the brunt of it all.


Being a heart-led soul who wants to make a living from doing the work they love isn’t easy - but it sounds like it should be! 


This is especially true as a space holder. 




I'm Kathy Bell,


I created the “Your Sacred Space” Facilitation container because I know how it feels to have your limitations & shadow show up in your heart-led business and curb your momentum & expansion.

I also know what it’s like to want to be of service so much that you sacrifice your family, values and integrity for the sake of others and your “soul purpose” service - and just how bad that feels...

I know the work we do has the capacity to transmute trauma, heal & transform people’s lives (and ultimately change the world) but if there is misalignment, confusion, slack boundaries or fear getting in the way - then the work we do will lack the potency, depth & impact that we desire.

Funny Story:


I never set out to be a space holder but at 29 I found myself holding a new baby and my husband in his grief & depression, and all the parts of me that had been holding me together, started to fall apart.

It was here I found my first mentor and entered my healing & awakening journey.

From there I spent the next 10 years deep in space holding, safety & trauma work, groundedness, boundaries, “the work” itself (for me, breathwork), spirituality and healing, and found out everything I could about how to create spaces for transformation.

And on my journey to become a master of holding space for transformation I was able to strengthen my boundaries so my life still felt spacious, I developed my intuition, soul gifts and energy without having to do any fancy courses, I got super comfy holding space for others without being drained in any way (and if I did I knew why), I created a successful hybrid in-person/online business and became known & recognised in my industry & circles as the “go-to” breathwork lady.

People started to ask me to teach them how to share breathwork (which I refer to as “the work”) but I knew in my bones that it wasn’t about “the work”, it was about the spaces I was able to create and the energy I carried.

Breathwork is a powerful tool in itself, but I quickly learned that people would compliment me on the way I shared it - and this confirmed to me that it wasn’t really about the work, it was about the container you place around the work and your unique energy signature.

And so I set about putting together the elements of my entire body of experience so that I could show others how to find their unique energy and spaces for their “work”.

And this was how Your Sacred Space was born!


Who is this for?


This personal expansion journey is for an array of healers, teachers, mentors and guides who want to go deeper into their potency, impact, soul gifts, spirituality and space holding - whatever modality they’re trained in.

I find I work best with and have the most impact when working with folks who have a core wound of “not enough-ness”, are sensitive and empathic and have an existing healing or service based business but are hiding, playing small or not being seen…

Why I’m different


I’m different because I infuse my trauma training, my spiritual connection and my thirst for personal development and growth together - combining the practical stuff with the non-physical to create a unique energy signature.

I am also unique because this is not about me - it’s about me assisting you in finding more of YOU.

I see your highest potential - way beyond the vision you have for yourself - and when someone holds that vision for you, you can do nothing but step into it.

I want to work with you!

Can you imagine?


Being recognised (& paid) for your unique gifts, abilities and energy? 
Your unique essence is celebrated and in-demand every day!
Receiving multiple invites to host group workshops or sessions by industry leaders
Making a wider impact - reaching further than you ever imagined.
Having clear & well maintained boundaries so that there isn’t that awkward, ikky, misalignment feeling when your clients cancel, you need to cancel and there are NO energy draining clients - ever!
Aligning to the work you're supposed to be doing so deeply, there is no question about whether you are good enough or not
Doing the work you came here to do with depth, potency and impact?
All while having spaciousness, joy and freedom in your life and business?

Let me be straight with you


People think space holding is easy - and if that were the case: everyone would be doing it! 

The fact is, it’s nuanced and complex, especially when you throw a family, personal development and a LIFE into the mix, but you don’t have to tie yourself up in knots figuring it all out yourself.

The work you do is needed, valuable and crucial - but I can hedge my bets on the fact that you’re not valuing the role YOU play in the work you do or the spaces you hold and your ‘life’ or relationships are suffering.

And you’re not playing at the depth of impact you desire because - well its just a minefield - and you don't know where to start!

So let’s put that right.

You get to do the personal stuff alongside the professional stuff.

You get to go deeper with ease.

You get to own and really step into your personal power.

You get to recognise your uniqueness, your presence and your value.

And in doing so, you get to not only learn, know and train - oh no!

You’ll expand, embody and LEAD.

Ready to apply to find out more


Become a facilitator of transformational spaces, activate your unique space holding gifts and create your signature offering so you can step up and lead.


During the 6 months journey you will learn & experience everything you need to become an accredited facilitator of holding transformational spaces and activate your unique gifts as a space holder - deepening your existing work & establishing yourself in your industry.


The best bit about this offering? 


It is a facilitation program combined with a personal expansion journey.



You receive each month:

6 x 1 Hour one-to-one sessions with Kathy (breathwork/mentoring)

6 x 90 min "hot seat" mentoring calls + Q&A's

6 x 90-120 min Recorded Teaching calls

You also get access to 2 x breathwork healing group per month via the SACRED SPACE breathwork membership

A supportive group communication platform - just for us!

Group Size is capped at 6 people per co-hort.


There is space to birth & develop your space holding signature - crafting your unique energy and stepping into that “thing” that you’re known for AND be held so you can overcome your limiting beliefs, fears and blocks that up until now have limited your full potential. 

You get to deepen your power as a sacred space holder of groups, circles, healing sessions, retreats, online offerings and 1:1 sessions (online & in person) - whilst elevating & growing your personal power revealing the most empowered version of you. 

Our curriculum will be a mixture of reflective and experiential learning and modules will each have their own reflective "assignments" to complete (this is they style of learning that suits deep thinkers and will encourage & bring out the most magnificent space holder you ever!)

Ready to apply

We will cover 8 key modules set under 5 Elements


Safety & fear - releasing it all and creating unshakeable self safety, self mastery and self confidence.

Boundaries - starting with you and radiating out into your business, your clients, your world. 

YOU - your pillars of connection & your energy - what makes you “you”.

Intuition, tools and practices - tuning in, alignment and recognition.

Embodying, launching and leading Your Space Holding Signature.



Safety & fear.

Releasing it all and creating unshakeable self safety, self mastery and self confidence


Transformation doesn't happen without safety and so we take a deep dive in our 1:1 space into your fears & limits and create a doable roadmap & toolkit for creating lasting inner sacred safety so you can be the lighthouse and the anchor for your clients AND yourself.

In group space we explore the foundations of holding space for trauma, the nuances of creating safe space online & in person, what safe spaces feel like, and explore safety in sacred spaces.



Starting with you and radiating out into your business, your clients, your world.


Better boundaries serve you, your family and your work. Boundaries are the work! We take a look at calling back your energy and power in 1:1 space and where the energy has been leaky or problematic. 

In group space we explore masculine & feminine energy relating to boundaries, energetic boundaries and practical thoughts like contracts, exchanges, refunds, who and what you’ll hold space for and everything in between.

PLUS bonus guest expert Ceryn Rowntree!



Your pillars of connection & your energy - what makes you “you”.


In 1:1 space we will explore the experiences & events that seemed like they were there to break you but actually make you you. Clearing up any energy around you claiming these events and experiences as the training ground for your superpowers.

In group space we will explore what makes you you and what you would love to be known for - where there might lay triggers in this and be seen through the eyes of others. We start to step into our unique energy, personal power and own our fullness.


Intuition, tools and practices.

Tuning in, alignment and recognition.

In 1:1 space we journey with guides, ancestors, ascended masters. We invite your higher self and your soul gifts to awaken. We start to fine tune and bring online our intuitive senses - recognising ourselves as intuitive, connected beings.

In group space we use techniques & practices to develop intuition, uncover what tools and practices are in alignment with our true self and pull closer the work we do.


Embodying, launching and leading Your Space Holding Signature.

In 1:1 space we clear the way for your signature offering and dive into what your true energy signature is - no hiding!

In group space: Guest expert Emma Etheridge will guide a 1 hour master class & Q&A helping to create, launch and lead your signature offer!

Doors opening January 3rd at 3pm!


We will begin live classes late January, but you will be given access to the first module from purchase.



The nitty gritty important stuff in case you have any questions...



How will it all be delivered? I've already done so much training, how will this be different?

Each month there will be a group teaching session which will cover that month's topic; this session will be part directive, part reflective and then experiential.

This means that:

I recognise most people as space holders; if you’re a conscious parent, a carer for an ageing relative, if you’ve supported your partner or a loved one in mental illness, or maybe a trained therapist or healer OR a really great friend - YOU’RE A SPACE HOLDER. And therefore, while there will be some directive teaching, you will mostly learn through reflecting upon your experiences to date and the ones you take throughout our time together and beyond. Like CPD on steriods!

You will become a confident, self reflective, life long lover of self development! 

You will be invited to complete reflective assignments and tasks, possibly case studies to show your understanding and represent the embodiment of the work we do together to attain the certification element.


This is not a top down course. I do not pretend to have it all figured out.

It’s a process for you to explore what it is that makes you unique, what works for you and your business and your energy and learn how to get the most out of that for the greatest good of all! I will share all the juicy stuff (especially if asked!) including business tips, insider knowledge and so much more than I can share in a sales page!

There will be 1 group mentoring, coaching and Q&A session. The mentoring session will be for you to ask questions, observe group mentoring, possibly hold space yourself and share with the group ideas, celebrations and challenges. As a group we will explore the ins and outs of the space holding journey and support one another through it's trails and challenges.

There are 6 powerful and potent teaching recordings videos which are partly directive, and partly reflective and discussion based, with materials, bonus support, guest experts and more! This is not a "training" program - I believe in creating the space for you to find the answers within - which only empowers and leads you into your greatness!


Will you run this again?

I will, but there isn't any plans to until late 2023.


Whats the monthly commitment?

Out of all the calls per month (1 x 1:1 with Kathy, 1 x mentoring) it will be compulsory to attend the mentoring and your 1:1 session live. The teaching session can be watched at your leisure, but you will be expected to hand in your monthly assignments. Your monthly live commitment would be: 2-3 hours (1:1 session + group mentoring session), with 2-3 hours catching the teaching session and completing your reflections/assignments.


How will we be assessed? 

The “facilitation” part of the course will be assessed through submission of reflection questions and case study submissions. Reflection through experiential learning is my preferred way of teaching and learning - this means we do, then we reflect on what we did and then we refine, and refine and refine; showing our understanding and justifications for doing so along the way.


 What if other stuff comes up during the course?

Each month there will be a 1:1 session to move through what’s alive within you at that moment - and that may not always relate to the months topic - this outline is just a guide.


What else is on offer?

You will also be given free access to The SACRED SPACE Breathwork membership; 2 breathwork classes per month.