£97.00 GBP


In this 4 week mini course I'll be teaching you how to create (and stick to) your own life-changing daily breath practice & become BFFs with your breath - even if you don't know where to start and don't have 10 minutes to spare!

Call dates: 11th Jan. 18th Jan, 25th Jan, 1st Feb 

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What you'll get:

🌬 A handy, easy access page where everything for the course will be stored (no missing emails or searching you inbox!)

🌬 Punchy Pre-recorded videos (no more than 2-3 mins) to learn the practices

🌬 Weekly live teaching & practice sessions - 4 x 45-60 min teaching and practice sessions

🌬 A single web page to access all the materials and calls - easy!!

🌬 A WhatsApp group for support and accountability for the entire 4 weeks

🌬Everything you need to build & embed your own rewarding breath practice into your life - for good!!

This is gonna be the best low cost investment you make!