Join the founder of the #Love2Breathe movement, Kathy Bell, for a breath experience & workshop

> Uplift your energy

> Regulate your nervous system

> Activate your potential

> And fall in love with Breathwork!


Session: Download the masterclass for free - watch anytime!

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What is 'Love2Breathe' Method?


It is an Energetic Embodiement Breath Technique that uses the breath to tap into and harness your inner potential. It's *kinda like* mindfulness breathing - BUT FUN & ENERGETIC & EMBODIED - rather than clinical, boring and cognitive - meaning you get to experience your breath in the body - not just from the mind.


😬 It's juicy, fun, enlivening & painless 😬 


It fuses traditional pranayama (yogic breathing) with embodied breathing, movement, awareness, playfulness, curiosity, LOVE & meditation - it's nothing like you've experienced before.

Outline of the Session:

🗓  Kathy will give direction on how to do each of the Love2Breathe' Method practices, we will then do a collective practice together!

Experience the Safety, Creation, Power, Love & Expression, Vision & Connection Breath practices.

Learn and experience the whole Love2Breathe method for your own personal practice in this interactive workshop.

PLUS A signature 'meet your breath' meditation can be downloaded for free.


At the end of the Session:

✅ You will have learned 7 energetic embodiment breath practices that you can use in your every day life to uplift your energy, regulate your nervous system and activate your potential!

✅  You will have cleared, activated and balanced your 7 energy centres, and leave feeling AMAZING!


✅  You'll know how to:

🔴 Create more safety in your body - so you can out-create old patterns & habits that keep you stuck

🟠 Activate your creativity, passion & pleasure - so you become a beacon of magnetism for everything you desire!

🟡 Awaken your confidence, power & radiance & do what you came here to do!

🟢 Open your heart to receive & give love. So many of us can give, but can you receive? Receptivity is key to having more.

🔵 Tap into your truth & voice - so you can stand up and speak your truth!

🟣 Gain more clarity and focus - so you can find that inner clarity and stop seeking answers from outside of you.

⚪️ Open your energy to be more receptive, inspired and connected! 


The Love2Breathe Method includes Breath Practices to: uplift, calm, increase intuition & focus, expand your nervous system, awaken, cleanse, ground & help you express yourself!


✅ You'll also receive the benefits of conscious, slow, connected breathing, such as:

😉 Improved sleep

😉 Reduced heart rate & blood pressure

😉 Improved digestion

😉 Less stress & anxiety....and so much more!!


✅  You'll walk away with a better understanding of your breath on a mechanical and energetic level AND have started a love affair with your breath, the #Love2Breathe way 😘


This is for me!


"I fucking love this practice so much. I am genuinely excited to get home and do it."


"WOW  I felt all the things. I could really feel it building like a warm wave which felt different at every level. I felt a calmness and stillness during the heart practice that I’ve not been able to stop thinking about. It was so energising but calming at the same time for me and I felt so balanced and grounded after. Really noticeably so. Thanks Kathy, it’s a beautiful practice."  


"Loved doing the full set! Loved the variety and the way the different practices tapped into so many different parts of me, spoke to different needs, sparked different sensation and emotions while flowing so beautifully together. It felt really fun - while also extremely grounding. "


"I so appreciated Kathy sharing that there's not a level playing field when it comes to our breath. I've had a tricky relationship with my breath after experiencing birth trauma. I've dabbled in breath work but there's always been an uncomfortable edge/lack of safety. So Kathy Bell I really appreciate your gentle, nurturing and more flexible approach. I feel you're making the practices far more accessible and pleasurable for me!"

I want the magic!


What makes this different to what I've done before?

🧘 If you've tried mindfulness breathing or pranayama in a yoga class then *some* of the breath might be familiar.

💜 How #Love2Breathe is different is that firstly, our philosophy is LOVE, ACCEPTANCE & FLOW - we want you to fall in love with your own breath; this intention alone changes everything! 

✨ On top of that, #Love2Breathe is a unique blend of movement, different breath styles, sound, awareness & energetic connection and activation all in one practice - never put together before!

🥰 We activate, through the breathing, your own unique & potent energy in your body - our wish is that Love2Breathe supports you in becoming more of who you are - this is what sets us apart!



Who is this for?

💜 This is for anyone who wants to create a yummy love affair with their breath & body and may have found breathwork scary or "too much" in the past.

💜  You could be a 6 figure entrepreneur or a mum of 3 in Portsmouth (or both!) You could want to learn how to improve your health, or you could be wanting to become a breathwork facilitator!

💜  You could be just starting out in your self development journey, or knee deep & 30 years in.

I want the magic!

It's for you if:

☑ You want to learn more about your breath, its benefits and create a relationship with it.

☑  You've heard about breathing and you want some of the medicine.

☑  You know breath is missing from your daily practice & you want to find a quick and easy (but powerful) tool to add into your ritual.

☑  You want to take better care of yourself & have thought (or been told) breathing better could help you.

☑  You are on the hamster wheel of life and want to find something that will help you carve out some time, just for you.

☑  You know there is something brewing inside of you and you are ready to tap into your potential!


NB: The practices & the way we work here at L2B mean that we use trauma informed awareness as an essential lens to look through when we teach - meaning our classes will meet the needs of those people who may find mindfulness breathing or meditation challenging. 


Is it a meditation?

Yes! But its an embodied practice, meaning we focus on the breath, our energy & the body/movement, making it more accessible to those who find traditional mediation harder.


I've done breathwork with you before, is this the same?

No, it's not the same practice. The L2B method is a series of 7 quick & easy embodied breath practices that you'll learn in this immersion. Following this immersion, I am hosting a longer experience where we will put all the practices together to form more of an "experience" like the breathwork you may have done with me before - but it's not the same. This practice is done seated or standing and is designed to active and "switch on" your energy centers, keeping them clear and healthy. It also harnesses the known benefits of conscious breathing, such as nervous system regulation, better sleep, improved digestion & improved mood.


I've done mindfulness breathing before, is this the same?

Frankly, no! It's much more fun, uplifting, meaning you'll likely stick at it and actually *want* to do this daily, instead of resorting to 'box' breathing to calm your anxieties.



"Thank you so much Kathy, it was an incredible session. I loved it The difference putting them all together just blew my mind! I felt like I was breathing into every part of me. Beautiful. I’m loving these practices, I’m even more excited about tomorrow so I can add more to the mix."

I want the magic!