Are you ready to create and stick to a daily breath practice that will change your life?!


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 Who is this for:

  • People who have tried Love2Breathe but haven't managed to DO it since learning it!

  • People who want to create a daily breath practice & BE in their body more - but don't know where to start.

  • People who are or have been resistant to creating a daily practice in the past.

  • People who have tried breath but something stopped them from doing it again (maybe you had a bad experience or found it too hard/uncomfortable/unenjoyable)

  • People who think they don't have time & are too busy!

  • Mouth breathers  

  • The breath-curious folks 


  • The aspiring breath facilitators


 By the end of the 4 weeks you’ll have:


3 powerful 12 minute breath practices that you can rely on anytime to shift your energy - you’ll know them inside out and want to actually do them!

A powerful and trusting relationship with your breath that lasts a lifetime - you'll always be able to rely on your breath from this point on.

The tools to tune into your energy and power, so you can make decisions with ease, calm and soothe your nervous system in a way that feels amazing.

You'll walk away with the confidence, skills & gumption to stick with a daily practice for good!


How will BREATHE Easy impact your life:


Belief in yourself - when you have safety, you have progress, when you start to make progress you start to believe in yourself. Self belief is like magic dust that ripples out into all areas of your life. When you believe in your ability to do stuff - you free yourself from that cage and FLY!


Confidence & Self trust - Imagine being grateful to yourself. “Do something today that your future self will thank you for” is one of my motos - and whenever I thank my past self I grow about an inch. It gives me the confidence that allows me to do exactly what's in my heart. Self trust is priceless. 


Reduction in the physical symptoms of stress - people talk about stress, but they don't talk about the SYMPTOMS of stress - stress causes so many physical, mental and emotional imbalances and we are taught to find solutions to those - not actually address the root cause of your IBS or tight neck and shoulder muscles.  You gonna find that these niggling things will melt away, without you even trying!

Steady progress - Achieve what it is you’ve been trying so hard to do - imagine this time next year looking back and seeing that you’ve achieved what you set out to achieve. Imagine all your goals and intentions coming true… and you can’t quite put your finger on it. It was the daily, incremental actions that led you there and your daily breath practice was the start of that!

Give it to me Kathy:

Here is a run down of what you get:

🌬 A handy, easy access page where everything for the course will be stored (no missing emails or searching you inbox!) Just save the web page to your home screen and dive into the resources when you can!


🌬 Weekly live practice & teaching sessions (4 x 45-60 min sessions) that are recorded and stored on the web page


🌬 Punchy Pre-recorded mini classes (max few mins each) to learn the practices


🌬 A WhatsApp group for support and accountability  


🌬Everything you need to build & embed your own rewarding breath practice into your life.


🌬All for £97!!!


This is gonna be the best low cost investment you make!


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Why is creating a daily breath practice so important?  


Well, breath is a proven and effective way to reduce stress, help the nervous system be resilient and “bounce back” easily, and improve your overall well-being; including your mental health, that I believe EVERYONE deserves access to.


And this is important to me because I believe in a world where we are all able to self-regulate and then CO-REGULATE.

Because what matters most to me is:


children feeling safe


And that's a heavy thing to write when there is such horror unfolding in the world.


But when I zoom in to my life and what I can control; I see the little ones from my village walking to school, I see the teens at my school, I see my own child, and in her I see me: Little Kathy; scared, afraid and alone; often without parents who feel safe, and I know first hand the damage that this causes.


I want to teach you how to create a daily breath practice so that you can be the one to impact YOUR people through co-regulation.


Co-regulation is a process of helping children and young adults to self-soothe & feel safe through connection with you - when YOU are calm and feel safe, you help them to feel the same way.

This ripple effect I've seen transform children's lives, time and time again.


 And I want to impact more children. 


I want you to be there for them even more deeply.


I want more safety and harmony for the children in our lives.


I don’t need to bang on about how amazing “proper”, or “effective” breathing is for you - you already know - the evidence is already out there - and you know yourself - because you've felt it already...


You just want to learn how to do it for yourself.


The good news?

I got you. 



A daily practice of breath impacts every single physical system in the body and ripples out into your whole life - so when I say a daily breath practice is life-changing - I mean it, because the breath has the power to change your physiology, and when we shift THAT, everything changes.


But this does takes time - and a consistent daily practice is the only way to reap the deeper benefits of breath practice that will change your life!


You don't lose half a stone on day 1 of your diet or the second you step in the gym.

It takes time for you to see improved results.


Same goes for your breath.


Jump into Breathe Easy


Maybe this is you? 


You want big shifts but they feel unsafe, so you shut down.

You start, then stop, then start again - but never feeling like you get anywhere.


A daily practice takes all this away.


A daily practice produces something quite magical, called:

Cumulative results. 


Which means that, over time, each daily practice you do adds up. Baby steps are way more effective than massive leaps. A daily practice helps you adjust and calibrate incrementally to the life you want to lead. It’s simple, quick, and effective. A daily practice creates SAFETY - over time, your body is queued to safety and those tiny baby steps build to be massive leaps!


Box Breathing & mindfulness breathing is fine, but your energy is where it's at.


Love2Breathe doesn't just work on the physical level - it goes way deeper - into your energetics. 


By using a daily breath practice that includes your ENERGY too, you improve your vibration and feel a sense of power from within, you don't need a fancy coach, or to spend 1000’s on another course.


A daily practice of Love2Breathe will remind you on a daily basis just how amazing you are, and changes how you reel inside.


I’ve taken my favourite practices from Love2Breathe and designed 3 INCREDIBLE combos that will elevate your energy and suit any mood or remedy any wobble you have!


You've tried before but you’re not great at keeping up a daily practice.


 ME TOO! This is why I am sharing the exact process I used to finally embed a daily practice into my life after 10 years of trying!


And I managed it when I got busy, I didn't need to quit my job to create space for it - in fact, I was able to embed a daily practice when I went back to work full time! And you can too!


The live coaching and practice sessions will give you powerful shifts, hints, tips and tricks to build sustainable habits that you can apply to all areas of your life.

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Pay in 2 payments of £49

Week 1 - Habits and meeting your breath

11th January

Session 1 is centred around habits, meeting your breath and exploring it. It will be a fun mix of teaching/mindset shifts & breath practice.


Week 2 - Safety and grounding breath

18th January

Session 2 is centred around safety and the 'grounding' practice using 4 Love2Breathe practices. I am the queen of creating safety so you can move past whats stopping you and feel amazing while breathing.


Week 3 - Deciding and embodiment breath

25th January

Session 3 is centred around deciding and using the 'embody' practice using 4 Love2Breathe practices. You are powerful - when you decide, magic happens.


Week 4 - Acceptance & Intuitive Connection practice

1st February

Session 4 is centred around acceptance of your greatness and the 'connection' practice using 5 Love2Breathe practices. Sometimes we just have to understand our greatness for us to truly believe it!


Welcome to Breathe Easy...


This 4 week mini course is all about helping you create and stick to a transformational daily breath practice that you love, so you can improve your health, well-being and state of mind, even if you don't know where to start!


I care about you...


I want you to feel amazing and know that you are amazing and be a strong, self reliant woman - because when you have this knowing in your locker, you do amazing things in the world and pass this onto those around you.

I'm all about creating a happier, harmonious world - and that starts with you loving your breath!


I know resistance and I know "busy"...


For multiple years I have struggled with sticking to a daily breath practice - even though I know how beneficial it is.

I also know busy - working 5 days a week and having multiple pulls on my time; I know how it feels to want to put yourself first but not be able to. This mini course will help you to find a way to put yourself first, no matter what.



I’m the Breath magician after all


You know you're in safe hands when it comes to your breath - I have the skills and uncanny ability to make this work for you!


This course is punchy, fun, effective and safe - I aim to help you fall in love with your breath forever even if you are a busy AF or don't know where to start.


This course will help you step into the life you want through creating a daily practice that you stick to!

Jump into Breathe Easy
2 payments of £49

Breathe Easy...The Breakdown & answers to your questions...


When are the calls?

We will meet every Thursday for 4 weeks, starting on the 11/1/24 at 6.30 pm.

What happens if I can't attend live?

If you can't attend live, the recording will be uploaded to your exclusive webpage within an hour of the class ending, so you can watch it in your own time.

How long are the calls?

I aim to keep the classes as short as possible, with the teaching part 20/25 mins and the practice session 20/25 mins, so you can catch up in 20/25min chunks of time. I'm planning the classes to last between 45-55 mins max.

 What happens when I sign up?

When you sign up, you will receive a welcome email and within 24hours you will receive a link to join the whatsapp group via email & you'll get access to the web page to start browsing the resources. The whatsapp group will stay dormant until a few days before we kick off.

I've done Love2Breathe with you before, is this the same?

No, not quite! Breathe Easy uses Love2Breathe practices, but was born out of my passion for bringing Love2Breathe to as many people as possible. Quite early on in sharing Love2Breathe I realised I need to make it more user friendly and address some important barriers that were keeping people from doing the full Love2Breathe practice every day. Breathe Easy is a system for establishing the daily habit of a breath practice. It's the exact process I took myself through recently that finally helped me break my 10 year battle with sticking to a daily practice.

What do I need to take part?

You wont need anything fancy to take part, just a chair, a phone with the whatsapp app, 10 mins a day to practice the weeks breath practice, and up to 10-15 mins extra one day a week to browse the resources before the weekly call. 

A Spotify subscription would be handy to access the playlists - but please note: this is not essential! We can make it work with an iTunes or Amazon music account, even Youtube could work!

Will you send reminders? Will there be a lot to remember?

Instructions will be sent to the whatsapp group every week so you'll always know what you have to "do". I aim to make this as EASY as possible for you! I spend my days making life easy for mega busy teachers, I understand busy - I got you boo!

What will I have to "do" each week?

A few days before the weekly call, I'll release the practice videos and I'll invite you to learn the practices via the Breathe Easy web page (10 mins max per week)

You'll then attend, or watch the replay of the weekly call (55 mins max per week) where I'll share 20 mins of teaching and then show you how to put the practices together and lead you through it.

Then each day, I'll invite you to "do" that week's breath practice (12 mins max per day) by yourself...

You can engage in the whatsapp group as much or as little as you want! 

And don't worry, I'll be there the whole time via whatsapp to give you daily prompts and pep talks! It'll be a space to share celebrations and ask for support when you need it!

If you have any more questions, please reach out to me on socials or via email [email protected]

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