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A breathwork space for conscious women who are holding it all & leading their own liberation
~ with Kathy Bell.


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Join us and use the power of breathwork to:

Connect with your body and release the trauma, pain and stress that keeps you pushing & in pain.


Clear the energetic gunk and stagnation so that you can hear your intuition, increase your capacity to receive and get back in the flow.
Go deeper - go deeper within, go deeper with Source, go deeper with your work, connection & dive deeper into LIFE.
If you are ready to experience MORE – you have found the right practice.



Breathwork clears the way for a deep inner connection - and this will transform the you way you feel, act and move through life! 


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What's the Deal?

These powerful group sessions will be supported by intention, making each class unique and never the same experience twice! Intentions that will bring you closer to your true self and of course, LOVE.
The breath creates space in your body through powerful energetic & emotional releasing; from here we can connect deeply to the truth within (intuition, soul, higher self) and develop radical self connection.
Emerge lighter, free of the emotional and energetic baggage; charged up like a crystal under the full moon - there is space to meditate, manifest and receive upgrade, downloads and healing.

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 The Class Schedule 2022



Friday 18th at 10 am

Re-Source yourself (rest & recalibrate)




Friday 2nd at 9.30am.

Dive Into Devotion


Friday 16th at 10 am

The Conception of Creation


NB: Live participation is NOT required. Classes are uploaded to the portal and you get access to it ALL by becoming a member!

In each class you will be given the space and means (through the power of breathwork) to:
1. Release all that is no longer in alignment with who you are becoming


2. Connect deeply to your inner world, voice, mission and purpose


3. Know your true worth & how much power you hold


4. Create shifts in the collective field simply by freeing yourself over and over again


5. Emerge lighter, with a sense of spaciousness and inner freedom that gives you the means to be more YOU!


Join the Lead the Liberation Community!


2 yummy classes per month

I Want To Breathe Monthly!

Join the Lead the Liberation Community!


2 yummy classes per month

I Want To Breathe Monthly!

A Breathwork session consists of:

Begin with Intention setting:


As a group we will share what brought you to breathwork, why you want to try breathwork and getting clear on what the purpose of the session will be.

Your heart and soul do the talking and from this we will create some clear intentions for the session.

An Oracle Card Reading:


Following this, I will tune in and choose 1-3 oracle cards for the group. Oracle cards are a way that the Universal energy can commune with us (whether that’s angels, spirit guides, nature spirits, God, Goddess – whatever resonates for you), and often messages can support your intentions and feelings at this time. 

Learning the breathing technique :


Before you lie down I will demonstrate the breathing technique and teach you it. There is space for you to have a go and ask any questions you might have. There is no rush and you will be given plenty of loving space for you to settle into the session.

A Grounding meditation:


Following this you will be asked to lie down, get comfy and use a blanket to get really cosy! You may wish to have some crystals with you, I will lead you through a grounding meditation to anchor you to the session, helping you feel more present, grounded and safe.

20-30mins of  Active Breath:


You will be then guided and supported to start the active breath technique. The whole session I will hold loving and connected space for you to breathe and release, shift and move what is ready to be released. I provide a grounded and loving presence to assist with your healing.

Meditation & Connection: 

Following this I will ask you to relax your breath and lead you into a space of connection and meditation which lasts around 10-15 mins.

Towards the end of the session you are guided and supported back to the room and the time and place we are in. Held with loving presence throughout.

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I know the weight of carrying it all for others, whist dealing with the heavy weight of collective energies and your own "human" stuff can take it's toll on you and how you show up for your family, your clients and students and your self.
I have been there: a frustrated and despondent sensitive, empathic, energetic, spiritually awake healer and teacher.
Desperately wanting to do my soul work and live an expanded and heart-led life; but feeling so heavy with the weight of the world, the energy of my loved ones and my sense of duty to my purpose.
In my search to find the balance between human and spiritual, service and life, I tried many things:
I tried meditating my way though it.
I tried ignoring and turning off my energetic and spiritual capacities.
I tried numbing it out.I tried transcendence.
I tried isolation.
I tried extreme energetic caution.
I tried all the things.
But nothing seemed to fit or work in the way I wanted it to.
I was left feeling empty, depleted, clogged up and frustrated - thinking that I was doing something wrong, making little head way and kept getting swept up in the energy of the world (at large and my micro world)
Until I took radical responsibility for my energetic hygiene and I found a practice and aligned to certain energies that not only allowed me to be embodied, but connected too.
Breathwork was and is that practice. I have used this practice for the past 5 years as a self healing, reconnection tool that ALWAYS delivers! I still remember my first experience: alone, in my bedroom months before I went on a life-changing retreat with Rebecca Campbell and Madeline Giles (who introduced me to breathwork!) and I have never looked back.
I connect with Mother Mary, Mary Magdelene and Anna, the grandmother of Jesus as my holy trinity of support during sessions and hold loving and compassionate spaces for your experience.
I trained with Erin Telford in 2019 and completed my studies with David Elliot between 2020-2022.