Are you ready for more?


More meaning and fulfilment with a deeper connection to yourself and LIFE?


I got you...

Are you ready to truly connect to who you are at soul level?


And find more meaning, fulfilment and joy in all that you do?


Yes I Am!
Are you ready to move beyond the niggle that keeps you from finding your true fulfilment?
Are you ready to connect with your next level, highest inner power?
And feel grounded, rooted and connected to your body, your breath and LIFE?
Warning: Don’t read this if you're not interested in creating balance, harmony and connection in yourself, your life, your business, your relationships or the world!

Lovely, you're in the right place if:

  • You find it hard to connect to all parts of you and feel like something is missing…

  • You're successful in your own right, but you know there is MORE.

  • You're ready to be held in a new way so that you can explore this longing for more:


     More soul, more connection, more meaning more fulfilment and more alignment 

  • You have a "practice" but it's become monotonous and meaningless.

  • You long to know yourself more fully and in a more meaningful way.

  • You feel disconnected and you're ready to find that deep inner connection.

  • You want to get out of your head, ease the tension and anxiety and be more present in your body.

  • You know you're here to do good in the world and share your voice, your gifts and your presence with others.

I'm ready

Can you imagine connecting so deeply with yourself that you were able to ….


Feel a sense of inner CONNECTION beyond what you know to be true right now?
Can you imagine receiving UPGRADES and ENERGY SHIFTS that you could feel physically in your body? 
Can you imagine knowing viscerally yourself as a divine soul in human form?


 What would your life would be like if ....


You had CLARITY about your PURPOSE and knew you were following the DESIRES OF YOUR SOUL?
You were able to SOOTHE & reset your NERVOUS SYSTEM so deeply that you felt a sense of INNER PEACE and CALM that you've never felt before?
You were able to tap into a whole new level of SPACIOUSNESS, ease and flow….


…and this spaciousness created a way for divinely inspired ideas, inspirations and downloads?
That not only gave you a deep sense of FULFILMENT, but also served the COLLECTIVE?


Wouldn’t that be incredible?

YES! Sign me up!
I’m going to be straight with you:
Everything you’ve done up until now has been worthwhile, useful and necessary - but now comes the time for the call to GO DEEPER - and if you’ve made it this far, THIS IS FOR YOU.

The Universe is calling YOU deeper.


I know that sounds a bit SCARY, a little TOO BIG, even
But what if I told you that it's POSSIBLE for you to overcome that with the right HELP, SPACE & SUPPORT?
What if you could be HELD in a totally NEW WAY and surpass the fears and objections that are present?
What if it was SAFE TO TRUST YOUR BREATH, your body and the intangible force that flows through you and the universe?


What if you could tap into the unlimited version of YOU?


 Imagine what you could do….


Imagine how it would feel…


Imagine the impact….

I'm Ready


You long to have SPACE HELD FOR YOU so that you can connect fully to all parts of you.


Deep down some parts of you still think you’re not good enough and you find being human really hard at times - it's all overwhelming, stressful and you're still carrying some trauma.


You long to get out of your head and into your body and into your soul connection - and what you've been doing isn't cutting it anymore.


You’re longing for a sense of spaciousness, calm and ease that seems so far out of reach right now… but you see others doing it and want it too.


  This is all possible.


And it's all within you.


WHY Breathwork?


Breathwork is an extraordinary practice that positively affects not only your physical health and wellbeing, but your ENERGY TOO.


Breathwork helps tune out the noise of the internal chatter and fear to create tangible inner spaciousness.


It helps you to access non-ordinary states of consciousness where divinely inspired ideas and solutions can easily drop in.


Breathwork acts as a powerful energetic cleanser of the mind, body and energy and can be a safe space to feel and release trauma in a way that feel freeing, empowering and honouring of your humanness.


Breathwork can act as a portal or gateway to other realms of consciousness and it can tune you into your unique energetic frequency - where you hear, feel, see and experience who you truly are.


And there isn’t a practice on earth that compares.


You can do all the things, read all the books, buy all the crystals, but if you are looking for an embodied way to elevate your life - Breathwork is it.

And this is why I created




Immerse yourself in your most powerful connector - your breath.

Elevate is a one to one, high touch breathwork immersion for leaders and visionaries who are ready to elevate all areas of their lives through their breath.
Sign Up Now

Activate and upgrade your energetic frequency & essence - so you can elevate every aspect of your life.


Receive powerful physical and nervous system resets that creates spaciousness, clarity and rejuvenated overall wellbeing that change the chemistry of your body so it is wired for peace, calm and spaciousness.
A deep remembrance or knowing of who you are at soul level and access Oneness.
Receive a knowing of true connectedness to all things and all of life - improving your relationships and connections, compassion and levels of love.
Increase your awareness of your I AM presence - the immersion will get you in touch with your knowledge of the universal energy that makes up YOU!
Receive downloads, ideas and divine inspiration that will change the world for the greater good of all.
And these intentions, combined with your own powerful intentions will set the tone for our work together.

Option 1: 


The 6 month Elevate Integration


A integrative space to fully actualise all your heartfelt intentions, connect deeply with your soul, purpose, happiness and elevated wellbeing.

What’s included:


1 x 1 hour intake session for powerful questioning and intention setting PLUS ‘stepping over the threshold meditation’.

12 x 90 min space holding and breathwork sessions taken over 6 months

Dedicated support between sessions via email/whatsapp (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm)

Daily Recorded Meditations updated monthly.


Investment: £5,725

(without dedicated support in between sessions - £3,725) 

This is for you if you want a longer  integrative space to do all the above and MORE over a longer period of time and with extended support.

Pay In Full


One Time Payment

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Pay In Three


Three Installments

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Sessions without support


One Time Payment

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Option 2:


Elevate in 40 days


A powerful space to clear the way for your elevated energy, receive clarity around your soul's desires and remember who you are.

What’s included: 


1 x 1 hour intake session for powerful questioning and intention setting PLUS ‘stepping over the threshold meditation’.

3 x 90 min space holding and breathwork sessions

Dedicated support between sessions via email/whatsapp (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm)

Daily Meditation.


Investment: £1,200


This is for you if you want a powerful jumpstart to activate your energy, receive superior clarity from your soul and remember who you are QUICKLY.

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Two Installments

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