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DEVOTED NOURISHMENT is for leaders, coaches, healers, mentors and facilitators elevating the collective through their heart-led projects & offerings.


Dear Magic Maker,
You know you have it all within you to create your dreams and goals, 
You've proven that you have what it takes to be wildly impactful through the success of your business,
Your soul goals are manifesting as we speak as a result of your aligned action, your investments in high-level coaching and your powerful, devoted heart.
So why would you need anything more?
And it is a great question - but what if I told you that softening to the ways of the Mother is not a passive act?
And that when we become more attuned to Her, we become more unique, more powerful, more potent?
What if I told you that you get to be one of the first sacred rebels, tasked with trail-blazing the way in the collectives destiny, leading us to give up the old ways of the world, and forge a new path for generations to come?

And that all you had to do was trust your heart - even more?


Would you say yes?


This is a 6 month space for you to practice sensing and following Mother Earth's guidance, to practice tuning deeper into your heart...
So you can act from a more rooted & enlightened space in full alignment with your Soul
Meaning you create things that just POP, hitting the mark in a whole new way, and create a wider-reaching positive impact




Breathwork clears the way for a deeper awakening - and this will transform the you way you show up in the world and leave a lasting legacy through your sacred offerings & projects...


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What is Devoted Nourishment: Seed to Bloom?


Devoted Nourishment is a facilitated group journey for space holders, coaches, healers & way showers who want to dedicate space to their sacred connection, creativity & ancient ways so they can root more deeply into their souls work, make a deeper impact & live from unshakable trust.


These powerful group sessions will be supported by and follow the wheel of the year & cosmic events; following Her time; with the intention of attuning us to the natural rhythm and pace of the Earth.


The breath creates space in your body through powerful energetic & emotional releasing; from here we can connect deeply to the truth within (intuition, soul, higher self) and develop radical self connection.


Each session will be accompanied by a suggested Earth honouring ritual that will synchronise with the time of year, Celtic Celebration and cosmic event.

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 The Schedule

All times are GMT 



Breathwork transmission: First New Moon of 2023 - Friday 20th January at 7 pm - 9 pm

Lunar New Moon Ritual: Posted in the group Friday 20th January

Space to devote to you: Monday 23rd January at 1 pm - 3 pm




Breathwork transmission: Imbolc - Thursday 2nd February 7 pm - 9 pm

Imbolc Ritual: Posted in the group Thursday 2nd February

Space to devote to you: Thursday 16th February at 10 am - 12 pm




Breathwork Transmission: Spring Equinox - Monday 20th March 10am

Spring Equinox Ritual: Posted in the group Monday 20th March

Space to devote to you: Monday 14th March at 1 pm - 3 pm





Breathwork Transmission: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries - Wednesday 19th April 7 pm - 9 pm

Solar Eclipse Ritual: Posted in the group Wednesday 19th April

Space to devote to you: Wednesday 5th April at 10am - 12pm




Breathwork Transmission: Beltane: Monday 1st May 10 am - 12 pm

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: Friday 5th May 7pm - 9 pm

Beltane Ritual: Posted in the group Monday 1st May

Space to devote to you: Thursday 18th May 10 am - 12 pm




Breathwork Transmission: Summer Solstice - Wednesday 21st June 10 am - 12 pm

Summmer Solstice Ritual: Posted in the group Wednesday 21st June

Space to devote to you: Monday 5th June at 1 pm - 3 pm



NB: Live participation is NOT required. Classes are recorded and uploaded to the portal. Particpation in the space to devote to you sessions is not required if you have a dedicated practice already.



The 'Space to Devote' sessions, where we will gather together to dedicate time, energy and intentions to our seeds, creative projects and heart intentions, are totally invitational.



In each class you will be given the space and means (through the power of breathwork) to:
1. Release all that is no longer in alignment with who you are becoming


2. Connect deeply to your inner world, voice, mission and purpose


3. Know your true worth & how much power you hold


4. Create shifts in the collective field simply by freeing yourself over and over again


5. Emerge lighter, with a sense of spaciousness and inner freedom that gives you the means to be more YOU!


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A Breathwork session consists of:

Begin with Intention setting:


As a group we will share what brought you to breathwork, why you want to try breathwork and getting clear on what the purpose of the session will be.

Your heart and soul do the talking and from this we will create some clear intentions for the session.

An Oracle Card Reading:


Following this, I will tune in and choose 1-3 oracle cards for the group. Oracle cards are a way that the Universal energy can commune with us (whether that’s angels, spirit guides, nature spirits, God, Goddess – whatever resonates for you), and often messages can support your intentions and feelings at this time. 

Learning the breathing technique :


Before you lie down I will demonstrate the breathing technique and teach you it. There is space for you to have a go and ask any questions you might have. There is no rush and you will be given plenty of loving space for you to settle into the session.

A Grounding meditation:


Following this you will be asked to lie down, get comfy and use a blanket to get really cosy! You may wish to have some crystals with you, I will lead you through a grounding meditation to anchor you to the session, helping you feel more present, grounded and safe.

20-30mins of  Active Breath:


You will be then guided and supported to start the active breath technique. The whole session I will hold loving and connected space for you to breathe and release, shift and move what is ready to be released. I provide a grounded and loving presence to assist with your healing.

Meditation & Connection: 

Following this I will ask you to relax your breath and lead you into a space of connection and meditation which lasts around 10-15 mins.

Towards the end of the session you are guided and supported back to the room and the time and place we are in. Held with loving presence throughout.

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One thing I know to be true as a solo heart-led business owner, doing heart-led work all by yourself, is that LIFE GETS BUSY, and certain priorities get put at the bottom of the pile.
You care deeply, and so you do everything in your power to make sure that your heart-led work makes an impact; and it does! You are creating a legacy, your clients are loving your work and you’re creating sustainable success in your business.
But the real, deep, devoted, conscious soul-stuff, gets put at the bottom of the pile. Only touching it periodically when you scramble desperately into a retreat space that you find at the last minute (phew!)
And those moments are becoming further and further apart.
My love, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact - it’s essential it’s NOT this way. Because this is not the way of the Goddess.
Your soul-led work is needed in the world, and your soul is more POTENT when she’s connected, radiant, magnetic & illuminated!
This is what Devoted Nourishment is designed to do.
During DEVOTED NOURISHMENT we will follow the wheel of the year and energies of 2023. Our first sacred gathering is on the 1st New Moon of 2023, followed by Imbolc, Spring Equinox, the first Eclipse Season of the year, Beltane & summer Solstice (From Seed to Bloom!)
I will hold space for your purest soul & energetic connections to the Quantum, the Cosmos, your Guides & the Earth.
Each Breathwork gathering will be a sacred ceremony, a space to snuggle in deeper than ever before to your soul. A true invitation to open your heart wider and deeper and remember your truest, purest, ancient essence.
With the intention of creating unshakable clarity, radical creative alignment, steadfast rootedness and unwavering illumination & magnetism.
I’ll also hold a space each month for you to dedicate space in your diary to your heart-felt joys & creative passions & projects.
Our soul did not just come to do its soul “work”, it came to live a life of joy, freedom & play. I will hold that space for you to create a trusting, beautiful and flourishing relationship to soul, in dedicated sosul-space.
I connect with Mother Mary, Mary Magdelene and Anna, the grandmother of Jesus as my holy trinity of support during sessions and hold loving and compassionate spaces for your experience.
I trained with Erin Telford in 2019 and completed my studies with David Elliot between 2020-2022.  



Connection ~ Community ~ Breathwork


Be held, reconnect to yourself & breathe with your soul sisters in  ...


From Seed to Bloom


A breathwork space for conscious women who are holding it all, but deeply devoted
~ with Kathy Bell.


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