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Welcome, I'm Kathy,


The Breathwork Magician & Founder of Love2Breathe 


And if you're looking to fall in love with your breath (& self), you're in the right place!

What Is Breathwork?

Hey, I'm Kathy,


Breathwork Magician & founder of Love2Breathe


And if you're looking to fall in love with your breath (& self), you're in the right place!

What Is Breathwork?

Breathwork Magician,  & Lemon Sherbert for your Soul!


I hold epic & exquisite spaces for healers, change makers, leaders, coaches, mentors and space holders to meet their Divine Souls, so that they can serve, live and thrive from their most embodied and connected state of being.
✨ Release the heavy, stagnant or stuck energy or blocks.
 Reveal spaciousness, truth and wisdom that is already within.
 Root deeply into your body, your life and your magical human expression as a soul on earth.


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Breathwork Healing


The Breathwork Healing technique I use is known as the David Elliott Method and it is an active breath technique which quickly engages with your emotional body and helps you to release and let go of pent up emotions, stress and the burden of holding it all through the intelligence of your breath.
It is an embodied practice which deeply clears your energy and will bring you back home to your body through a 20-30 min active breathing session & meditation.
Breathwork Healing is also a direct line to your intuition, your hearts wisdom and your deepest desires. If you are ready to experience a deeper Spiritual connection – you have found the right practice.
This style of Breathwork will always meet you exactly where you are and no one session is ever the same.
I want to work with you!
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Benefits of Breathwork Healing


Helps to decrease anxiety, frustration, tension, overwhelm and stress 
Helps you to access greater inner clarity, creativity and wisdom - ideas drop in from seemingly nowhere!
Directly activates the parasympathetic nervous system which triggers the relaxation response - meaning all that stress and worry dissipates and doesn't turn into physical inflammation
Peels back the emotional layers and blocks so you can hear your intuition and hearts wisdom
Deep trauma release can be facilitated - often people come to breathwork after years of talking therapy to release the energetic imprint of the trauma
Connects you to your body, helps you ground into the present moment and BE HERE NOW


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